Adamsville Business License Forms and Affidavits


Community Growth Incentive


Adamsville is a great area to start a business or grow an existing business due to community growth incentives, economic development funds, and undeveloped land located along a major highway that can be purchased for business development. If you are a business owner you have the opportunity to purchase undeveloped land at a low cost. Financing is available through the Economic Development Loan Funds through Jefferson County at a low fixed rate with two finance packages available.

Bus. License

Affidavit Form

Adamsville offers Community Growth Incentives (CGI’s)

  • Revenue Sharing Opportunities including Sales Tax Rebates for suitable tenants.
  • Plaza and Mall Space
  • Industrial Park Space
  • Lease Options Purchase Opportunities
  • CALL 205 674-5671 EXT. 2133
  • E-mail: