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The city of Adamsville is a family oriented city. We have 3 city parks—Blackwell, Spring Street and Leland Adams. We embrace our youth by offering youth sports activities including softball, baseball, and football. We also have community based Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops.

We here in Adamsville take great pride in our schools, friendly churches and our civic minded citizens. Please come out and visit anytime.

Building A Better Adamsville

  • Low annual rates on weekly garbage service including brush and debris pick up
  • No fire dues—this means lower homeowners insurance rates
  • Low property taxes
  • Great real estate investments for a family home
  • Police and fire service—immediate response without any wait time
  • New senior center, approximately 3000 square feet.
  • New state of the art storm shelter at Spring Street Park
  • City Council meetings on the 2nd (at 7pm) and 4th (at 8am) Monday of each month

Community Growth Incentive


Adamsville is a great area to start a business or grow an existing business due to community growth incentives, economic development funds, and undeveloped land located along a major highway that can be purchased for business development. If you are a business owner you have the opportunity to purchase undeveloped land at a low cost. Financing is available through the Economic Development Loan Funds through Jefferson County at a low fixed rate with two finance packages available.

Adamsville offers Community Growth Incentives (CGI’s)

  • Revenue Sharing Opportunities including Sales Tax Rebates for suitable tenants.
  • Plaza and Mall Space
  • Industrial Park Space
  • Lease Options Purchase Opportunities
  • CALL 205 674-5671 EXT. 2133
  • E-mail:

History Of Adamsville

Adamsville is proud to invite you to our city! Whether you are a business owner, or looking for a safe place to raise your family. Adamsville is the place for you.

Adamsville was incorporated in 1953 and has enjoyed a long history of mining and prosperity due to the railroad industry. In recent years, Adamsville has remained economically stable and flourished through tough economic times due to strong city planning.

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Our Schools

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Adamsville is the proud home of four award winning area schools. Recent awards include: One elementary school being nationally recognized as a “Leader in Me School,” by the Covey Corporation.

One school has been selected by the National Board of Teaching Standards as a “Take One Initiative” school.

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